Room rentals

For table reservations in the main cafe space, gallery, or terrace please speak to a barista or call 30 783 8125. (We don’t reserve tables for concerts at this time, unless otherwise noted in concert information.)

You can reserve our intimate, cozy “library” room for up to 8 people for smaller meetings. Amenities include: TV, separate sound capabilities, and electric fireplace. Price to reserve ahead of time is 4000ft/hour, from which price of food and drink is deducted.

We also occasionally rent out the entire cafe, with or without service. For inquiries, please write to or call 30 783 8125.

Note: We do not schedule rentals for the rest of the Kelenföld Montázs Központ. Please write to or call (1) 780-9083 to schedule rentals.

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