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Since 2014 the Montázs Gallery has been exhibiting local and international artists right in the heart of the Montázs Art Café. We believe that art is food for the soul, so why not enjoy it with your coffee as well?

Call for Artists! // Montázs Art Café 5 year Anniversary Group Exhibition

Theme: What does community mean to you?

Submission deadline: Friday, August 30, 2019

Winners announced: September 5, 2019
Opening Night: Friday, September 14, 2019

Exhibition dates: September 14–October 7
Location: Montázs Art Café

In connection to the 5th birthday celebration of the Montázs Art Café, we are accepting entries for a group exhibition to add to the celebration. Entries must be related to the theme “What does community mean to you?” because we are highlighting the importance of the community to our space. All work must be either new or created within the last 6 months, and artists must currently reside in Hungary. Each artist can submit a maximum of 2 pieces. Any style is acceptable but must weigh less than 4kg and easily hung on the wall. Nudity is not allowed.

Entries must include title, dimensions, medium, and a short paragraph describing how the piece connects to the theme.

Any image submitted may be used for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include publication in any publications, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media.

Submissions are free. Submit entries in an attachment to galeria@montá

If accepted, your works will be featured in the group exhibition in the Montázs Gallery until October 7, after which they will be returned to you. One piece from the exhibition will be purchased by the Montázs Art Café to add to our permanent collection.

Past exhibitions:

“Horizon” // Gyárfás Miklós kiállítása

"Horizon"            Miklós Gyárfás           What's waiting beyond the horizon? It's hard to put into words and even harder to display it. Unlimited imagination is characteristic of humans, always wanting to see more, get higher, move further along.Miklós Gyárfás's...

“Horizon” // Gyárfás Miklós kiállítása

"Horizon"            GYÁRFÁS MIKLÓS KIÁLLÍTÁSA           Mi vár a horizonton túl? Nehéz megfogalmazni, még nehezebb megjeleníteni. Az emberre jellemző a képzelet határtalansága, mindig távolabbra, magasabbra, messzebbre akar jutni. Gyárfás Miklós rajzaiban sajátos...

Dreamland-Greenland // Mária Katona exhibition

"Dreamland-Greeland"           Mária Katona exhibition            About the artist: Admirer of the North and Asia, speaks some Swedish. Lived in Iceland, Scotland, England, was a volunteer for a couple of months in a small Finnish Lappish town, Inari, above the Arctic...

“sokoldalú élet” // Sárik Zsanett kiállítása

"sokoldalú élet"            Sárik Zsanett kiállítása           Sárik Zsanett munkái nem pusztán interpretációi a szubjektív élményeknek, mivel valósnak ható tereket konstruál újra, teszi magáévá és vezeti fel...

Anélkül, hogy tudtam volna // Szikra Ágnes kiállítása

Anélkül, hogy tudtam volna június 2-28. Megnyitó 2017. június 2. 19:00 Zenél: David Karla Szikra Ágnes szabadúszó festőművész Budapesten él és dolgozik. "Maga az alkotási folyamat nagyon fontos számomra; a koncentráció egyfajta nyitott, éber, érzékeny és intuitív,...

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