About us

           OUR MISSION          

When the Bátorítás Alapítvány (batoritas.hu) began dreaming of what it could look like to be a thriving part of the Kelenföld community, the idea of transforming what used to be a major movie theater repair shop in the city into a coffeehouse felt like the obvious next step. It was a long wait to see this dream become reality, but in 2014 with great joy the Montázs Art Café opened its doors to the public. It’s become a place where people can find the things they’re yearning for – for artists, a place to experience beautiful artwork or even have an opportunity to exhibit their own work; for music lovers, a place close-by to spend an evening enjoying different bands; and of course, for coffee lovers high-quality products made with love. The Montázs is a place where despite potential differences and regardless of beliefs, people can meet in the middle. It’s the place that brings us together – and it’s a place where we at the Montázs get to be a part of the montage that is your life.

Meet us!

           THE TEAM          

Márk has been at the Montázs since the construction phase and has been the Business Manager since early 2017. He loves to take shifts behind the bar and ensuring that you get the best tasting coffee possible.

Kövesdi Márk

Gábor has been with us since 2015 and is responsible for helping us to develop our food offerings and also makes our heavenly homemade coffee syrups.

Molnár Gábor

Eszter has worked at the Montázs since 2015 and despite various breaks for her world travels, we’re thankful that she always somehow ends up back here with us.

Liling Eszter


Andris has worked at the Montázs since 2016 and is our most soulful barista. You’ll often catch him scribbling out a poem and staring off into the distance contemplating life’s deeper themes.

Kiss András


Flóra is our newest barista, having helped us in the summer serving ice cream and just transitioning to the bar in 2018. She is enthusiastic and good-natured and we’re thankful to have her as part of the time.

Téglásy Flóra

Adatkezelési nyilatkozat | Impresszum | Minden jog fenntartva, Bátorítás Alapítvány 2018